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Windsor, Ontario priorities

If this is the problem: Armed or not, this isn’t the answer:

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Remembrance Day 2014

A Personal Reflection: Veterans, White Poppies, and Remembering By Paul Chislett                                                        They say: Our deaths are not ours: they are yours,                                                        they will mean what you make them.                                                                                                […]

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2014 CJAM Pledge Drive On The ShakeUp

It’s pledge drive at CJAM this fall and it’s an important time for the station as a good portion of operating costs come from this pledge drive. More information follows and as you scroll down you’ll come across links to ShakeUp programs that ran over the last weeks and months… About Pledge Drive: CJAM is […]

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A Plea for solidarity: by Paul Chislett

Starting point: Just a day ago a 25 year old man ran down two Canadian Forces soldiers, killing one. He was later shot dead by police. Today, CBS News says a 32 year old man mortally wounded a reservist at Ottawa’s War Memorial. In what follows I am making an assumption that young people are […]

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Sept 18, 2014 live broadcast on Windsor, Ontario’s downtown: Whose Downtown?

Windsor, Ontario is a Canadian border city across the Detroit River from Detroit, Michigan. The city centre suffers from an over abundance of bars and clubs that heavily cater to young Americans taking advantage of a lower Ontario drinking age than in Michigan. Bars seem to have preferential treatment when zoning issues come up and […]

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Lawrence Wittner on the nuclear disarmament movement

Aug 6th marked 69 years since the US dropped the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima. Ever since, the world has lived with the threat of nuclear destruction and all the dangers that go with the research and development of nuclear weapons. Even the peaceful uses of nuclear power have dire consequences for the planet with nuclear […]

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May 16, 2014: Michael Roberto & the struggle for cooperative ownership; Kelly Carmichael on Proportional Representation

Listen to entire program here: On the line from Greensboro, NC was Michael Roberto, associate professor of history at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro. He is a contributor to the Monthly Review and his recent article: Crisis, Recovery, and the Transitional Economy struck me as being very relevant to what’s happening, […]

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May 9 2014: Counting the vote, making the vote count

By: Paul Chislett My friend Robert Mittag, who rocks the airwaves on the ShakeUp the last Friday of each month as Rockin Robbee, posted on Facebook yesterday a call to boycott the provincial election. He was challenged in what I read as a dismissive manner and I felt a need to respond. Let me say […]

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April 11 2014: Dr Gordon Edwards on the age of nuclear waste & Jessica live in the studio

Listen to entire program here aired April 11 2014: Dr Gordon Edwards is President of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a Gold Medal in Mathematics and Physics (1961), and obtained a PhD in Mathematics from Queen’s University in 1972. In 1975 he co-founded the CCNR and […]

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April 4 2014: Stacey Toews of Level Ground Trading

Listen to entire program here:   Level Ground Trading On Monday, March 31, 2014, Stacey Toews, Co-founder and Communications Catalyst for Level Ground Trading visited Ten Thousand Villages Windsor to connect with staff and volunteers and the share stories of many small-scale farmers benefiting from direct fair trade through Level Ground. Toews is a co-founder […]

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