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Renewable energy and the power of the nuclear industry

  Communities and workers have come to depend on nuclear and fossil fuel producers much as Windsor has come to rely on the automotive industry. Change is frightening and workers tend to back whoever they see as protecting their interests. The question is – who benefits?  In terms of nuclear, where the risks are born […]

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Nov. 25 is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Today’s program highlights Nov 25. as International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. We welcomed   Jennifer Cline and her work at the Well-Come Centre for Human Potential, and Shaista Akbar, coordinator of the Womyn’s Centre at the University of Windsor. In an November 16 article by Gary Dimmock, in the Ottawa Citizen, he […]

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International students at the University of Windsor

We had a great discussion in the studio with co-host and international student Ameen Hassan, and Devender Kainth who is a graduate student at the university. On hand as well was Tanya Demjanenko who is a research assistant for UWindsor Vice-Provost, Students and International. Listen to the program here:

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November 5, 2010

Michelle Mainwaring on further efforts to stave off the loss of the Capital Theatre, Tim Swaddling, writer/director of  The Arrow and the String premiering at the Windsor International Film Festival, and Wade Walker, campus coordinator for WIFF. Listen to the program here:

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2010 Pledge drive kickoff

  The ShakeUp devoted the hour to helping CJAM raise money toward a $25000 goal again this year. Special guest Mary Ann Mulhern read selections of poetry from her forthcoming collection: Sleeping with Satan.   We  raised $165, and you can pledge any amount anytime by going to the CJAM pledge page and make a […]

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