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Jan. 21: The New University Cooperative and an update on the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Listen to the entire program here: GREAT RELATED ARTICLE AT RABBLE.CA There are many complaints on campus about tuition, budgets, food services, class offerings, and so on. The complaints seem to stem for a lack of empowerment. Decisions are made by a select group around the president, and while students’ tuition funds a sizable portion […]

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Jan 14: Arizona shooting : media, misinformation and mental illness – a volatile mix.

Listen to the entire program here: Last Saturday, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was seriously wounded, 6 others were killed, including nine year old Christina-Taylor Green, and many others were wounded. A lone gunman, Jared Loughner, has been charged with the crime. The news media has been deluged with commentary in the US, while in Canada, with […]

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Jan 7: Abayomi Azikiwe and Detroit celebrates Martin Luther King; Jae Muzzin organizes the Radical History Conference in Windsor

Martin Luther King: The Massey Lectures Listen to entire program here: This was our first program of the new year and we wish you all a safe and just 2011. This year is likely to be a tumultuous time in Windsor/Detroit, Canada, and around the world. The global elites are mounting a campaign the corporate […]

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Dec 31: Lone wolves, human capital theory, and popular education: a conversation with Mireille Coral and Adult Education in Windsor

Listen to the entire program here: We’ve  closed out a year that saw the mobilization of activists in Windsor during the Social Forum in June and the US Social Forum in Detroit. Also in June, the G20 meeting of the world’s power elites saw the state react with arbitrary violence against those who stood against […]

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