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April 22: BP oil spill one year later with journalist Dahr Jamail and Mississippi resident, Shirley Tillman

Listen to entire broadcast here:  Just over a year ago we heard about an oil drilling rig exploding in the Gulf of Mexico and that 11 workers were missing. Like many, I followed the news as the rig sank into water thousands of meters deep. What would happen to all that piping I wondered? The […]

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April 15: Elections and freedom of information with Cara Zwibel

Listen to entire program here: Open government and freedom of information. That’s what we expect in a democracy, and yet, according to a recent opinion piece written by Cara Faith Zwibel, ” … Canada ranked last [on] the effectiveness of freedom of information laws among major Parliamentary democracies.” Many listeners will remember how difficult it […]

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April 8: Samuel Mulafulafu: Caritas Zambia

  April 12: MiningWatch Canada has published a report on tax evasion by mining companies in Zambia. According to Global Financial Integrity, “multinational corporations’ tax evasion, when averaged per year over the last ten years, amounts to a global net loss of $400 to $440 billion for developing countries.” Read more here.   Click ‘play’ […]

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April 1: Kate Murray to the Congo, and Michelle Soulliere on Rust belt to Artist belt III conference

Listen to the entire program here: On today’s program we talked to Katelyn Murray about her upcoming travels to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania to do solidarity work. She described her work with Kujali Congo, a charitable organization founded by Jonathon Busiku Kasereka in Windsor, and what work she will do there. Murray […]

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