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May 27: Christine Wilson-Furlonger and panhandling; Tasha French and street newspapers

Listen to entire program here:  Welcome to The ShakeUp for Friday May 27. In Windsor an ugly little battle is brewing over panhandlers in the streets of downtown. Local business owners don’t want people begging in front of their establishments and people in general are often uncomfortable being approached for money. Councillor Valentinis, Joyce Zuk […]

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May 20: City Council vs. The Neighbourhoods: Crisis of democracy in Windsor.

Listen to entire broadcast here:  For the last few weeks, the city has been preparing some neighbourhoods for a new aquatics centre to be built west of downtown. The idea so far is that it will feature a 50m pool and a library. Likely to close are the pool at Glengarry Housing and Adie Knox […]

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May 13: David Camfield and reinventing the Canadian labour movement; Tewodros Asfaw on Structural Adjustment Programs

Listen to the entire broadcast here:  ‘Structural Adjustment Program’ (SAP) is one of those high-sounding phrases lacking humanity and full meaning. It could even be mistaken for a chiropractic maneuver, but that would be an insult to chiropractors. However, it is an adjustment, especially if you are a worker in the global south. According to […]

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May 6, 2011: Wayne Smith, Fair Vote Canada and the election; Victoria Cross and the Supreme Court decision for farm workers

Listen to entire program here:  According to a media release by Fair Vote Canada, Canada has suffered through an election that is “…one of the least legitimate majorities in Canadian history”, with   , the Conservatives winning 54.22% of the seats with only 39.62% of the vote.  Vote splitting is a curse imposed by an electoral […]

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April 29: Susan Gold Smith and MayWorks 2011; Ameen Hassan: the election and social networking; Abayomi Azikiwe: view from Detroit

Listen to entire program here: My opening remarks for the program were as follows: The election campaign is in the final stretch and polls suggest a so-called orange tide as the NDP is, as they say, surging in the polls. This could mean a Harper majority as the liberals and NDP split the vote or […]

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