June 17: Cathleen Kneen of Food Secure Canada; Lynne Phillips co-founder of Windsor/Essex’s Food Advisory Working Group

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With Cathleen Kneen and Lynne Phillips we discussed food security and a recent report, “Resetting the Table: A People’s Food Policy for Canada” that investigates our whole way of thinking about all aspects of food – growing it, distribution, affordability, and so on. Perhaps the key idea in the report, among many, is for political and economic elites – and us – to stop thinking of food as a commodity and rather as a necessity of life. It may seem obvious that food is a necessity of life, but not to traders in the world’s commodity markets who seem to be partly  responsible for price spikes that put food out of reach for millions around the worlds as happened in 2008 and seems likely to recur.

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From Ottawa, Cathleen Kneen,Chair of Food Secure Canada joined us by telephone. And in the studio was Lynne Phillips who teaches in the Sociology and Anthropology department here at UWindsor.Lynne Phillips is also a founding member of the Food  Advisory Working Group (FAWG) here in Windsor/Essex.

(Click HERE for a Youtube video of the release of the “Resetting the Table” report)

We had a pretty wide-ranging discussion about this exciting idea of a people’s food policy – I’m big on names that start with “people’s” – and tied that in with what is happening in Windsor/Essex, a de-industrializing area where local food production is big news. Also, in Detroit, there are very large urban farms and local markets and they may be ahead of us in some way regarding accessible and affordable local food.

During the course of the interview, we mentioned the title of a previous report: “The Land of Milk and Money” and that report can be viewed HERE.

Also, Lynne Phillips spoke of the forum held in March 2011 by FAWG and you can read the results of that forum HERE.



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