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Aug. 26: Robert Jensen and a radical political theology; Ehab Lotayef and Gaza

Listen to entire program here:  Robert Jensen @ 5:33 Ehab Loytayef: 38:49 The passing of Jack Layton has caused a considerable stir, and especially the letter he wrote before he died. The last paragraph has been granted almost iconic status on Facebook and Twitter and I’ll read it here as it is this paragraph that […]

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Aug 19: Valerie Kaussen and Haiti reconstruction; Noa Mendelsohn Aviv and Bill C4 and refugees to Canada

Listen to entire program here:  Valerie Kaussen @ 6:38 Noa Mendelsohn Aviv @ 40:43 In the first half hour we talked to Professor Valerie Kaussen (6:38)on reconstruction efforts in Haiti. She teaches Francophone Caribbean literature and culture at the University of Missouri-Columbia and has traveled to Haiti. Kaussen spoke about her experiences in Haiti on the […]

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Aug 12: Tzazna Miranda Leal and upcoming caravan for freedom; Pablo Godoy: Students Against Migrant Exploitation

Listen to entire program here:  Tzazna Miranda Leal: 9:23 Pablo Godoy: 41:26 Many will remember last year’s pilgrimage to freedom when 150 local community activists and foreign workers walked from Leamington to the Underground Railroad memorial in downtown Windsor. Justicia 4 Migrant Workers was the lead organizer of the pilgrimage and this year a new […]

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August 5: Chad Lord, the Great Lakes, and cuts to the EPA; Blythe McKay and Farm Radio International

Listen to entire program here: Chad Lord: 6:55 Blythe McKay: 33:49 On Friday’s program we expanded on the  issue of the Great Lakes and the Asian Carp threat. Recent news from the US indicates that the Environmental Protection Agency is under threat from legislation that will undermine the effectiveness of that organization. The Fiscal Year 2012 […]

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