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Sept. 23: Armine Yalnizyan on corporations; Dr Cecil Houston and UWindsor’s Digital Journalism program

Listen to entire program here:  Armine Yalnizyan @ 5:30 mark Dr. Cecil Houston @ 48:29 mark It is often said that Windsor and many cities and towns like it in manufacturing or resource extraction are union towns because of the high number of blue collar workers. But they can be described as company towns – […]

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Sept 16: David MacDonald and DEBT!; Brad Cundiff and how Ontario’s political parties stack up on the environment

Listen to entire program here:  In the first half hour: David MacDonald: @ 1:22 What are debt and deficits and why does the media continuously echo leaders who say reining in debt is why we need to endure social spending cuts. When a subject like the need to rein in debt is heard over and over […]

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Sept. 9: Prof Jim Winter and the digital journalism program at UWindsor; Abayomi Azikiwe and the 9/11 Wars

Listen to entire program here:  Prof. Jim Winter: 3:01 Abayomi Azikiwe: 36:13 In the first half hour I spoke with Professor Jim Winter in the studio about the plans for a digital journalism program at UWindsor and what that might mean for the Communication, Media and Film program. The discussion ranged from the move to […]

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Sept. 2: Julia Putnam and The Boggs Educational Center; Melina Laboucan-Massimo and Tar Sands protests

Listen to entire program here:  Julia Putnam: 7:19 Melina Laboucan-Massimo: 37:30 Next week begins a new school year including classes here on campus. All of us are products of many societal influences, and next to home and parents, school is where we are socialized to carry on whatever traditions society has determined make a model […]

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