Oct. 14: Occupy! Yusef Shakur and Occupy Detroit; Tyler Sommers with Democracy Watch and how Elections Ontario failed voters

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Listen to entire program here: 

Yusef Shakur @ 8:45

Tyler Sommers @ 34:57

There is a growing movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall St and On Oct. 15 thousands of people across North America occupied pieces of their city in an effort to redefine how we relate to each other and how we fit into the current economic and political reality that shapes our lives – controls us really – and what we can do to reorient ourselves and make change. In Windsor there will be a gathering at City Hall park and as we spoke there was a coming together of Detroiters as they confronted the difficult circumstances of life in that city.

Occupy Detroit protestors in Grand Circus Park. (WWJ: Beth Fisher)

Occupy Windsor at City Hall park ( Gord Taylor)

Chris Richards, windsorite.ca

This is a solidarity movement that has the potential to bring people together across lines of race, gender, wealth and poverty, boomers and post-boomers. It is a coming together to recognize that it is the current global capitalist economic system – undemocratic, exploitive, and reliant on violence and coercion – that works for the few at the expense of the many and destroys local economies and livelihoods. We welcomed Yusef Shakur to the program in the first half hour to speak about his journey toward activism for change. 

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In the second half hour we spoke with Tyler Sommers, a coordinator with Democracy Watch, a “… national non-profit, non-partisan organization, and Canada’s leading citizen group advocating democratic reform, government accountability and corporate responsibility”. We wanted to talk about the recent election in Ontario; an election in which less than half of eligible voters participated in. If we could mark our ballot as ‘none of the above’ and they were counted as such, in the current circumstances, the power elites could not ignore such a vote of non-confidence. In the meantime occupy movements are springing up all over the world to send a message that now is the time for bottom up political and economic change. 

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