Nov 25: Author Al Sandine and the Occupy movement; Zack from Occupy Detroit.

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On Friday we touched base with author Al Sandine who I spoke with last year about his book, The Taming of the American Crowd.

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According to the review, the book explained “…how the crowd as an active subject of change—often positive, sometimes not—has been replaced by the passive crowd as object of control and regulation.” In his book, Sandine exposed the idea of approved crowds such as those in shopping malls and sports events, as opposed to, for example, peaceful protesters around the world who are subject to state violence.

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On Black Friday in the US, Facebook users posted great photos showing people camped out at shopping malls ready to spend money while Occupy camps are being dismantled by the state. I wanted to touch base with Al Sandine again to see what he thought of the occupy movement and if it represents an awakening of ordinary people ready to throw off the passiveness of the last few decades in order to challenge the existing global oligarchy.

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Detroit Troublemakers School:

Saturday, December 3, 2011
12pm to 5pm

UAW Local 22
4300 Michigan Ave, Detroit

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