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Dec. 31: Year end program goes local to global with Tewodros Asfaw and Ken Lewenza Jr.

Listen to entire program here: We’re wrapping up another year – one that saw a major shift in Canadian politics with the federal election that allowed Stephen Harper to gain an absolute majority in Parliament. The provincial election saw the liberals gain the skimpiest of majorities with a one seat edge over the other parties. […]

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Dec 23: The Participatory Budgeting Project with Joanna Duarte Laudon

Friday,  on our Joe Strummer Day segment at 5PM Jon Liedtke, Rockin’ Robbee and I explored the links between Occupy Windsor, in which all of us participated, and poverty and homelessness in Windsor. Being politically powerless and vulnerable to mental illness, addictions and poverty, homeless people are truly disadvantaged.  Because being in the park caused […]

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Dec. 16: Jack Gibbons of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance; Abayomi Azikiwe and the Defense Authorization Act in the US

Listen to entire program here: Jack Gibbons: @ 5:31 Abayomi Azikiwe: @ 41:10 In the first half hour of the program we endeavored to grapple with energy strategies in Ontario with Jack Gibbons,  Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.  The alliance, according to the website, “…is a coalition of individuals and approximately 90 organizations […]

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Dec 9: Russ Diabo and First Nations’ relationship with Canada; a statement on why Occupy Windsor is leaving the park

Listen to entire program here:  Russ Diabo: 2:55 Statement on Occupy Windsor: 45:45 Saturday, Dec 10 was the UN sponsored Human Rights Day. I’m always somewhat conflicted about highlighting a day for this and a day for that because in the end the things celebrated need to occur all year round – something like peace and goodwill […]

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Dec 2. Chris Dixon and Occupy’s anarchist roots with photo-journalist Doug MacLellan in studio

Listen to entire program here: On Friday we continued exploring the meaning of the Occupy movement, partly out of my own experience with Occupy Windsor, but also because this movement is still in the process of being defined by participants and outside observers while virtually ignored and/or misunderstood by the corporate media. It’s an important […]

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