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Jan 27: Joe Mancini and Kitchener’s The Working Centre; Rockin Robbee with original music in studio

Listen to entire program here: Rockin’ Robbee: 31:50 & 55:30 In Windsor there is a lot of media attention on city council and the development plans for the downtown area. All the planning seems to be done behind the scenes with the public brought in only when a public relations show is needed with ideas […]

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Jan 20: Margaret Keith and Jim Brophy: the plastics industry and breast cancer in women.

Listen to entire program here:  (A related theme on chemicals and human beings is covered in a recent episode of  The Nature of Things. The question: Are we fat because of man-made chemicals? New science links environmental chemicals to the global obesity epidemic.) The ShakeUp is devoted to environmental and social justice issues and if […]

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Jan 13, 2012: Prof. Geoffrey Reaume and mental illness; Steve Green & Mad City Chickens

Listen to entire program here:  Next week (Jan 16-20) is Mental Health Awareness Week on campus. Mental health has long been considered a rather taboo subject and many people suffer as a result. The shame and confusion associated with mental illness locks too many in isolation and despair. On the program I wanted to take […]

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Jan. 6: Enver Villamizar and Vito Signorile of the Windsor Peace Coalition on NATO in the Middle East & the 2012 NATO/G8 summit

Listen to entire program here:  When I was growing up NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was posed as a heroic organization born out of the wreckage of WWII and stood against the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries; an alliance of Eastern European countries with the Soviet Union. (As Vito Signorile explains, the […]

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