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Apr 29: Informal Gathering of the Heart

In the receding wake of Occupy Windsor, and in conjunction with Artcite’s Mayworks 2012 exhibit , Occupiers Katie Khaos, Doug MacLellan, and Paul Chislett are embarking on a project to create a commemorative book of the Occupy Windsor experience: Informal Gathering of Heart. The book will be an original creation meant to convey the heart […]

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MayWorks 2012 and the politics of community engaged art: Alana Bartol, Collette Broeders, and Rita Haase

Listen to entire program here: If there was a theme Friday it was around the current deadly serious political and economic structure which marginalizes people, seeks to protect the interests of a minority ruling class, and stifles the creativity of so many, especially young people, as they face mounting debt from tuition fees and bleak […]

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April 13: Tyler Morgenstern: Reimagine CBC & Tewodros Asfaw on media theory and perception

Listen to entire program here: As the Harper regime ratchets up its attack on working people and civil society in general with cuts to the CBC, slashing jobs and services in the federal government, engaging in a criminal conspiracy with the F-35 fighter jets, and more – and ON TOP of all that happened while […]

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April 6: Art Sterritt and the Northern Gateway Pipeline; Elena Herrada and the “Consent” Agreement in Detroit

Listen to entire program here: The last program fell on Good Friday heading into the Easter holiday weekend – a weekend full of a message of peace and transformation; yet, with the Ontario and federal budgets this country and province are being transformed into ruthless dog eat dog places that place people and the environment […]

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March 30: Joan Kuyek and community organizing; Rockin’ Robbee live in the studio

Listen to entire program here: On the program over the last year or so I’ve focused on ways we can reorganize our lives to break free of the dominant view that corporations and business in general should be free to act in pursuit of profit and power with as little “interference” as possible from government. […]

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