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June 22, 2012: Russ Diabo and First Nations issues including upcoming elections for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations

Listen to entire program here: The summer season is upon us and that means also that the House of Commons is on summer recess after  a tumultuous session. The Harper regime has passed its Omnibus bill, the effects of which won’t be felt until all the regulations associated with them are written – probably over […]

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June 15, 2012: Richard Fidler on the Quebec student strike and Quebec politics

Listen to entire program here: The big news on Friday was the bridge announcement. Now that our Beloved Leader has come and gone, we can wait and see what actually develops out of a bridge deal. Honestly, I don’t know if these power brokers realize it yet but the global economy is on a pretty […]

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June 8 2012: Amie Stepanovich and U.S. domestic drones

Listen to entire program here (slightly truncated): In the first half hour of the program I had a conversation about domestic drones in the US and the topic is certainly relevant in a border area like ours. U.S. drone policy is Canadian drone policy whether we like it or not and with a right wing […]

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June 1, 2012: Jack Gibbons Chair of Ontario Clean Air Alliance on power generation in Ontario; live report from teachers’ rally at MPP Theresa Piruzza’s office

Listen to entire program here: The May 26th issue of the Windsor Star featured an opinion piece by Chris Vander Doelen praising provincial Conservative opposition leader Tim Hudak’s 13 point plan for energy affordability in Ontario.  Among the points that stand out are:  Make clean nuclear power the backbone of Ontario’s power system again; Cancel […]

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