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July 20, 2012: Lorraine Gibson and migrant worker safety; Olga Zuyderhoff & “Under One Roof”

Listen to entire program here: On July 16th a migrant worker was killed while riding a bike in the Leamington area. It seems every few years such a tragedy occurs. Migrant workers have tough time because they are far from home and family and come here to work for minimum wage in decent to substandard […]

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July 13, 2012: Ryan Herriot on healthcare for refugees in Canada; Richard Sanders on Canadian pension investments in war industries

Listen to entire program here: I had a couple of issues lined up Friday that certainly point to the drift in the country toward increasing injustice and militarization. Ryan Herriot was in the studio with me and we talked about the mobilization of medical students and professionals to protest the Harper regime’s cuts to healthcare […]

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July 6, 2012: Richard Feldman and Detroit2012; Rockin’ Robbee tribute,Paul Chislett on Jeff Watson

Listen to entire program here: On Friday we focused for part of the first half hour on Detroit2012, a two week gathering (July 1 -14th) “… in [a] renewed spirit of humanity, … committed to visionary organizing, leaderless leadership and the growth of our souls through healthful living, respect for the land and for each […]

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June 29: Re-Broadcast of May 25th program featuring Rockin’ Robbee and an interview with CLC senior economist Angella MacEwen on changes to Canada’s EI program

Listen to entire re-broadcast here:     Be sure to tune in Next Friday when I return with a live edition of The ShakeUp on topics of relevance to Windsor and Detroit.

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