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March 15, 2013: Petcoke: producing, storing and burning it is all bad; Ryan Herriot and refugee health care in Canada

Listen to entire program here: Giant piles of black material began to rise on the Detroit side of the river over the last few months and local environmental activists have exposed the piles as petroleum coke, or petcoke. This material is produced when oil is refined and in this case what is being refined by […]

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March 8, 2013: International Women’s Day. Foreign dancers face exploitation in Windsor: ‘Natasha’s’ story

Listen to entire program here: We pass them all the time on Wyandotte St, downtown, on Huron Church, over on Seminole and various other locations without much thought. Mostly they are nondescript looking places, others though feature signs with provocative images, drink specials and lap dances. I’m talking of strip clubs. Rarely do we think […]

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March 1 2013: CAW’s Local 444 president Dino Chiodo & labour issues

Host disclaimer: I am a former union activist when I was working for a wage, and today I sit as a member at large on the labour council that Dino is president of and also I am president of the Windsor Workers’ Action Centre which receives some funding from CAW Local 444 Listen to entire […]

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