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March 29, 2013: Andrea Landry & Jode Kechego on Idle No More; Rockin Robbee on guitar

Listen to entire program here: On Thursday, March 28th an Idle No More teach-in was held in Moot Court in the law faculty at the University of Windsor. On Friday’s program I welcomed two of the panelists, Andrea Landry, First Nations activist and a key organizer of various Idle No More actions and an MA […]

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March 22, 2013: Rebroadcast of Rural Women Making Change; Ian Clough and I on the ex-Klinec work and labour issuesers

Listen to entire program here: Dr Kerry Preibisch was a researcher with the Rural Women Making Change  research project. Her research includes “international labour migration and global agro-food systems; gender, migration and development; and im/migrant communities in rural Canada.” She was on the phone from Guelph and described her research, the particular challenges for women […]

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