St Michael’s Adult Education Politics Class Common Good Radio Project

Talking about the Common Good

Statement by the class:

On Friday May 30 at 4 to 5 PM the students of the St Michael’s Canadian Politics class will take over the airwaves during The ShakeUp on CJAM 99.1 FM.

They would like to talk to everyone about an issue they truly feel should be in the everyday dialogue of Canadians: The Common Good.

Over the hour the students will be presenting their thoughts and feelings about the common good and what it means to them. Topics and questions covered will be:

  • defining the common good
  • What it means to be recognized as a human being, and how we currently not being fairly recognized as such by government and corporations
  • What does the common good mean for Windsor and Essex County?
  • What changes are necessary to achieve the common good?
  • Is the idea of the common good a universal value?
  • Job losses and the impact of foreign workers
  • Economic development for Windsor

Through cooperative effort, research and with open minds we have put together this program as an effort to help start a dialogue on the idea of the common good.

We hope you will tune in on Friday, 4PM EDT to 99.1 FM and streaming online at


Below are survey questions designed by the students

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