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Feb 24: Ginny Sullivan and cycling along the Underground Railroad route; Abayomi Azikiwe on the meaning of Black History Month; Rockin’ Robbie in studio singing the Blues…

MARCH 2 UPDATE: Here’s an article of interests related to this entry: Beyond the Underground Railroad   Technical assistance: Moses Frimpong: Listen to entire program here: February is Black History month and in recognition of this we heard about a new way to get up close and personal with the Underground Railroad thanks to an […]

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Dec. 16: Jack Gibbons of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance; Abayomi Azikiwe and the Defense Authorization Act in the US

Listen to entire program here: Jack Gibbons: @ 5:31 Abayomi Azikiwe: @ 41:10 In the first half hour of the program we endeavored to grapple with energy strategies in Ontario with Jack Gibbons,  Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.  The alliance, according to the website, “…is a coalition of individuals and approximately 90 organizations […]

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Sept. 9: Prof Jim Winter and the digital journalism program at UWindsor; Abayomi Azikiwe and the 9/11 Wars

Listen to entire program here:  Prof. Jim Winter: 3:01 Abayomi Azikiwe: 36:13 In the first half hour I spoke with Professor Jim Winter in the studio about the plans for a digital journalism program at UWindsor and what that might mean for the Communication, Media and Film program. The discussion ranged from the move to […]

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July 29: Jennifer Nalbone and Asian carp; Rayven Howard performs live; Abayomi Azikiwe 1967 conference update

Listen to entire program here:   Jennifer Nalbone: 6:50 Rayven Howard: 33:30 Abayomi Azikiwe: 43:00 In Windsor/Detroit we are surrounded by the Great Lakes ecosystem. It’s easy to forget that the Detroit River flows along a route that originates at Lake Superior and makes its way to the Atlantic Ocean. It’s also easy to take […]

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July 22: Sue Breeze and Canada Boat to Gaza; Abayomi Azikiwe and the 1967 Detroit rebellion

Listen to entire program here:  Sue Breeze: 8m 25sec. Abayomi Azikiwe: 38m 55sec. In the first half hour we talked to Sue Breeze who was a participant in the Canadian Boat to Gaza effort when it was forced back to port on July 4th as it took part in the International Freedom Flotilla II; an […]

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June 3: Abayomi Azikiwe in Detroit and the extension of the US Patriot Act; Detroit fightback campaign

Listen to entire program here:  We were unable to connect with Richard Sanders of the Coalition Against the Arms Trade, and will have him on the program June 10 to catch up on the CANSEC  arms bazaar recently held in Ottawa. In the first half hour we welcomed new OPIRG volunteer Victoria Townsend who will […]

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April 29: Susan Gold Smith and MayWorks 2011; Ameen Hassan: the election and social networking; Abayomi Azikiwe: view from Detroit

Listen to entire program here: My opening remarks for the program were as follows: The election campaign is in the final stretch and polls suggest a so-called orange tide as the NDP is, as they say, surging in the polls. This could mean a Harper majority as the liberals and NDP split the vote or […]

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March 25: Jae Muzzin: Guerilla Gardening, Abayomi Azikiwe: Michigan emergency law

Listen to the entire program here: Our guest today was Jae Muzzin of the Guerilla Gardening Collective in Windsor. Later in the program we talked to Abayomi Azikiwe in Detroit about the implications of the Emergency Manager Law passed in Michigan. Spring is officially here and planting season is almost on us. Backyard or community […]

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Feb. 25: CLR James and hope for the struggle for social justice

Listen to the entire program here: Music on the program featured John Brown’s Body: Pressure Points The following is an edited version of the comments I made at the beginning of the program: The uprisings in the Middle East and the worker occupation of the State capitol building in Wisconsin show that working people are […]

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Jan 7: Abayomi Azikiwe and Detroit celebrates Martin Luther King; Jae Muzzin organizes the Radical History Conference in Windsor

Martin Luther King: The Massey Lectures Listen to entire program here: This was our first program of the new year and we wish you all a safe and just 2011. This year is likely to be a tumultuous time in Windsor/Detroit, Canada, and around the world. The global elites are mounting a campaign the corporate […]

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