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Oct 19, 2012: Amin Rehman and “A IS FOR…”; Chris Crossroads with some banjo stylings and Occupy Windsor/Occupy Detroit reminisences.

Listen to entire program here:  On Friday we heard from artist Amin Rehman whose work opened that evening at the Artcite Gallery on University Ave at Pelissier next to the Capitol Theatre. According to his website, “… Rehman is a visual artist living in Toronto. He is an experimental painter whose work explores politicized cultural […]

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Oct. 12, 2012: Occupy one year on: a retrospective on Occupy Detroit & Occupy Windsor

Listen to entire program here: October 15 marked the one year anniversary of the global call to support Occupy Wall St. Activists in cities around the world responded including those in Windsor who set up a modest encampment of three tents at Senator Croll Park which grew to about thirty in weeks following. In this […]

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Nov 25: Author Al Sandine and the Occupy movement; Zack from Occupy Detroit.

Listen to entire program here: On Friday we touched base with author Al Sandine who I spoke with last year about his book, The Taming of the American Crowd. Al Sandine. Click image for author’s website   According to the review, the book explained “…how the crowd as an active subject of change—often positive, sometimes […]

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Nov. 18: Fiona Sampson and Maggi Swan-Tuomi on Equality Effect in Africa; Destiny Turnboe at Occupy Detroit

Listen to entire program here:    We had a couple of things to cover Friday and in the first half hour we had a discussion about Equality Effect, a Canadian human rights organization that “develops creative legal solutions to address the inequality of women and girls in Africa who are subject to some of the […]

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Nov. 11: David Heap and Freedom Waves and an Israeli prison; Justin from Occupy Detroit and why he occupies

Listen to entire program here:  David Heap@ 2:49 Justin @ 37:35 Friday marked another Remembrance Day and I shared it with hundreds of others while at the Occupy Windsor camp near the cenotaph. The media has been interested in our presence there and a week or so ago there were rumours the mayor wanted us […]

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Nov. 4: Pledge Drive 2011: a retrospective of stories and music this year on the program

Listen to entire program here:  Friday kicked off this year’s pledge drive program with a goal of $30,000.00. I can’t say enough how important CJAM in particular and campus community radio in general are to the fabric of this community. Reaching this monetary goal will go a long way to allowing the station to increase […]

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October 28: Terrance Travis and Sit 4 Peace and Occupy Windsor; Joe McGuire and Occupy Detroit

Click here for entire program:  Terrance Travis @ 8:21 Joe McGuire @ 40:41 “When we sit for peace we are sitting for self empowerment, freedom, coexistence and justice for all. When we sit for peace we are sitting for self liberation, compassion and mindfulness.” It’s Day 14 of occupy Windsor and the camp at City […]

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Occupy! Joe McGuire and Destiny in Detroit; Mohammed Almoayad and Chris Crossroads in studio

Listen to entire program here:  Chris Crossroads: Stand Up and Be Counted! @ 34:53 What can I say so far about Occupy Windsor? It has brought together about 100 people – a rough estimate and a number that ebbs and flows – who are working to build a community within the larger one that can […]

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Oct. 14: Occupy! Yusef Shakur and Occupy Detroit; Tyler Sommers with Democracy Watch and how Elections Ontario failed voters

Listen to entire program here:  Yusef Shakur @ 8:45 Tyler Sommers @ 34:57 There is a growing movement in solidarity with Occupy Wall St and On Oct. 15 thousands of people across North America occupied pieces of their city in an effort to redefine how we relate to each other and how we fit into […]

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